“Unique Faith-Based Board Game Teaches Sharing – Bonus: Free Mobile App!”

Innovative new magnetic board game and play set teams up with a special mobile app to teach children the joy of sharing. (Mobile app free for a limited time.)


My name is Frank Crossen and I create games that make kids happy.

Board Games are very special to me because of all the fun memories and loving relationships I receive while playing them with friends and family. Today I would like to share with you a board game I created that I know will give you and your loved ones a lifetime of special memories that will be looked back on fondly and often. Besides building a lifetime of fun family memories, Magical Rainbow also offers these great benefits:


  • Teaches kids about the importance of sharing, turn taking, colors, counting and strategy
  • Free story app and games available on Google Play  (when you purchase today). Your kids will love reading the Magical Rainbow story and then playing the game.
  • Unique game spinner keeps children involved by allowing multiple players to participate from one spin!
  • Beginner and Advanced rules allow a broad age range 4 to 12 to play!
  • Dr Toy Best Picks, Creative Child Board Game Of The Year, Family Choice, WTS 4 Star Certified
  • 2.5 pounds of Award Winning magnetic Fun!
  • 3 valuable bonuses! (Look for blue Bonus text below.)


Your child will feel good about sharing, and want to play with Paddy the leprechaun and his friends over and over. Kids also learn colors, counting numbers, strategy and turn taking with this unique new magnetic board game and play set that has won the following awards …

  • Creative Child Board Game Of The Year 2009
  • Dr Toy Best Picks 2010
  • Family Choice 2009

Bonus #1! – Free Children’s Story

“I would like to give you this free story about the importance of sharing, just as a way to say thanks for stopping by.” Game Creator and Proud Parent Frank Crossen

Here is Paddy’s story, which is told in more detail in the bonus Magical Rainbow Leprechaun mobile application (along with games, and currently free with Magical Rainbow board game purchase).

“In the green grass fields of Ireland, living deep in the tree burrows, are
magical elves called leprechauns. They are only 2 feet tall and very funny looking with big noses.

Paddy the leprechaun was sad because he did not have his own rainbow.
As everyone knows, there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.
And leprechauns love gold.

The first day of spring was a rainy day, and after the rain ended a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. All the leprechauns without their own rainbow took turns playing their violins in the hopes that this would make the entrance of the rainbow appear.

When it was Paddy’s turn, he was nervous as he took a deep breath and began started playing his violin. As he played louder and louder, the rainbow shined brighter and brighter, finally revealing the entrance to his very own rainbow!

Griberto the Frog greeted Paddy on his Magical Rainbow. He explained that Paddy had been chosen by God to use the gold from the rainbow to help people in need. As they explored the 7 colored lands of the rainbow together, Patty met Banano the monkey, Peanuto the elephant, Rainbow Rhino, Humphrey the camel, Roundo the turtle, Haya the horse, Oceana the dolphin, Soaro the eagle and Hoota the owl.As Paddy traveled the 7 magical lands of the rainbow, he shared his gold with less fortunate animals he met along the way. When Paddy and Griberto reached the end of the rainbow, God praised Paddy for sharing his gold with those who needed it. He also warned Paddy that people would try to take his gold from him as he traveled throughout the magical lands helping others.

 This is how Paddy began his journey, and now your little ones can play along with Paddy and all his animal friends with the Magical Rainbow Magnetic Board Game & Play Set.


Children do not even realize they are learning important life skills, as they try to make it to the end of the rainbow before getting caught by Paddy.

The first player to reach the end of the rainbow gets to help Paddy share the pot of gold with others.

This magnetic board game also functions as a fun play set, and works great for children of 4 to 12 years of age.

Bonus #2! – Free Mobile App!

Just as much fun as the board game is the mobile app you download to a tablet or smartphone. This application is currently offered for free as a bonus when you buy the Magical Rainbow Magnetic Board Game & Play Set. (Tip – Mobile app may not be available for free if you don’t act today.)

The mobile app contains …

  • Paddy’s story told in detail, with colorful pictures and graphics.
  • 3 fun leprechaun games which teach important developmental skills like matching and colors.
  • Dozens of wonderful animal characters that tie into the magnetic board game and play set.


You pay just the affordable price of $24.99 when you act now. This is a limited time special which will not be offered forever. So take advantage today and give your child years of fun playtime with Paddy and his friends while putting some money back in your pocket.

Frank Crossen also wants you to feel good about your purchase. That is why he is offering a …

full 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee if you are not absolutely satisfied with your purchase.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Paddy and his friends. And as a parent myself, I wish you a lifetime of wonderful memories playing, learning, loving and living with your children.

Frank A Crossen
Parent and Creator – Magical Rainbow Game

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